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Stay frosty with a budget in mind: Momit Cool will make your AC unit smart

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The Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas every January has long been the harbinger of cool things to come, giving us a glimpse at the high-tech gadgets that will be popping up in our homes, cars, and offices before too long.

As such, its team of judges and their predictions about “key innovators” are a good barometer for the next wave of exciting gadgets we will be tripping over one another to get our hands on.

One product newly singled out for a CES 2017 Innovation Award is Momit Cool, receiving a nod of recognition in the Smart Home category for offering to “revolutionize” your boring old existing air conditioning unit with some smart tech.


Momit Cool lets you ditch your existing AC remote control in favor of remotely controlling it with your smartphone with a dedicated iOS or Android app. Using a radio frequency communication system, it is compatible with all infrared air conditioning heating and cooling systems.

It’s not just a straightforward on-and-off switch, either: using the app, you can set intervals for the air conditioning and access temperature and humidity information in a way that’s straightforward and easy to read.

Perhaps the gadget’s most intriguing idea is a “My Budget” feature, which lets Momit Cool users determine a particular energy budget for themselves and then ensures you stick to it as closely as possible.

Momit promises the results will save you up to 30 percent on your energy bill. Should you be so inclined, this tech lets you get down and dirty with figures — letting you calculate how much you spent or saved and simulates what it likely to happen from a temperature perspective in your house over the coming month.

At present, users can pick up a Momit Cool over at the company’s website. Or visit them at CES, where presumably they will be popping champagne over their key innovator title.

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