Mood Mugs tell the office how you really feel

mood mugs tell the office how you really feel 031411 1

As if broadcasting your up-to-the-moment feelings and rants on Facebook and Twitter wasn’t enough, you can now tell the people in your office exactly how you feel in the morning, be it good or bad. These Mood Mugs ($16 each) each feature a simple face portraying one of three moods: happy, moody, and sleepy. We know which one most of us would choose, but hey, maybe having a smiling coffee mug would make us all a little happier in the morning. The mugs are handmade from porcelain and designed to be hot on the inside and cool on the outside, eliminating the need for a handle. Whether you pick the happy mug or the moody one, we think bringing a little humor to your home or office with these creative designs isn’t such a bad idea.