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San Francisco’s most expensive home just sold for a staggering $21.8 million

It’s no secret the city of San Francisco boasts its fair share of extremely high-priced homes — it is where many Silicon Valley magnates lay their head, after all — but at $21.8 million, none are more expensive than a 9,095-square-foot marvel located just north of Pacific Heights. A bona fide mansion built back in 1901, this home (known only as 2250 Vallejo) has since undergone a massive remodel on both its interior and exterior, making it even more attractive than it already was. Despite its particularly steep price tag, this expensive abode recently sold to a private buyer, unsurprisingly clocking it in as the most expensive home sold in the city this year.

When the residence was first constructed — an astonishing 115 years ago — a well-to-do fish packer named James Madison called 2250 Vallejo home. Since then, the home changed shapes a bit, acting as housing for wounded World War II soldiers before transitioning into an apartment building after. For 50 years, this extravagant abode rented its premises to paying tenants until a heavy remodel of the building was scheduled to take place.

Over the course of two years, 2250 Vallejo’s exterior was restored to its original 19th-century Parisian style while the interior underwent a massive face-lift including imported furniture from Italy. Featuring gorgeous dark wood accents in its dining room, marble-outfit bathrooms, two private dressing rooms, and utter jaw-dropping visuals of downtown San Francisco and its bay, the two-year project clearly paid off in absolute spades. To make the space even more appealing, the update included the installation of an upstairs spa room which moonlights as a fire pit-touting roof deck with an infinity-edge pool.

Opulent, no doubt, but a pure work of art, nonetheless. Listed initially at around $28 million last November, the home’s $21.8 million price tag is still nothing to bat an eye at. With a meticulously planned remodel under its belt — and the fact it features some of the best views in all of San Francisco — this home’s happy new owner likely won’t be fretting over its price tag, instead opting to enjoy its many, many perks.

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