Mr. Porter opens as men’s companion to fashion site Net-a-porter

mr porter opens as mens companion to fashion site net a launches

The recent launch of Mr. Porter marks a step forward in the world of men’s luxury fashion. The site is aiming at the hard-to-reach men’s market with a similar approach to wildly successful cousin site for women, Net-a-Porter. The site features  high-fashion brands like Gucci, Lanvin, and YSL as well as more traditional menswear brands like Brooks Brothers and J.Crew. The site is cleanly designed and uses a magazine-style layout to highlight certain brands and pieces, making the depth of designer goods less overwhelming. Similarly to Net-a-Porter, the site features a large amount of editorial content, directing readers to products and styles like a traditional magazine would. This gives the site a certain amount of authority and will certainly lure readers back who trust the content and voice of Mr. Porter. Special features include in-depth looks at designers and specific recommendations from men of wealth and luxury. The current interview with supermodel Erin Wasson (featuring half-naked photos) probably doesn’t hurt Porter’s numbers either.