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Dine and dance: Munchery and Google Play pair meals and music

munchery delivers meals with google play music playlists meal burger beer
Crafting a playlist used to require High Fidelity-levels of thought. Not anymore, thanks to the likes of Spotify and Songza, which let you play tunes based on your mood or activity. But if you’re planning a dinner party, you still have to come up with a menu, even if these services have your musical accompaniment covered, right?

Not anymore, apparently. Google Play Music and Munchery teamed up to pair music and meals. The meal-delivery service’s chefs have created custom dinners based on Google Play Music’s radio stations. It’s not just dinners, though.The playlists were created around different moods, times of day, and activities. “Coffee Shop Indie Radio” apparently goes best with “sinful chocolate cake.”

When you click on your city’s menu offerings, some will have a “Google Play” tag. Today in Seattle, for example, you can order five-spice petit poulet for two; the description of the $18 meal (“A chicken partially deboned and rubbed with Chinese five spice powder and honey, then roasted to golden brown”) includes a link to Google Play’s Modern Sunshine R&B mix. Some other offerings include the Brooklyn sushi roll, the Brooklyn lager braised sausage, the no sleep til Brooklyn bar (a cookie-like item), and Hawaiian pork tacos, all of which are meant to be eaten while listening to the “Sun Out, Vibe Out” list. Despite the presence of that bar, there don’t appear to be any Beastie Boys songs on this list.

Unlike services such as Blue Apron, which delivers ingredients and recipes to your door, Munchery’s chefs cook the whole meal themselves. When it arrives at your home, chilled to maintain freshness, all you have to do is heat it up.

The meals-based-on-music are available for delivery in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, starting today and going through September 11.

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