No more sleepless nights? Interactive baby music device is music to the ears

music sleeping device baby wifi quiet night

The joy of parenting a newborn is often challenged by sleep deprivation. Endless nights of crying can be overwhelming. But the new Wi-Fi-enabled Quiet Night may just help turn this parenting experience nightmare in to a dream.

Conceived by a professor from Bristol University in the U.K., the Quiet Night was reportedly found to reduce crying by up to 50 percent during its 20-year research and development phase. Good news for wiped out parents, as this calculates on average to an extra hour of Zs per night.

Recommended for babies four months to three years old, Quiet Night has handle made of pacifier material the child uses to activate 125 child-psychologist-chosen songs.The longer babies pull the handle, the more pleased by a piece of music they, according to the professor.

Quiet Night learns which music a child prefers, and automatically adjusts song sequences as the baby’s brain develops. While baby may initial vibe to elevator music, as children grow they gravitate toward more sophisticated, classical styles, the research uncovered. While you can download more songs, it’s not clear if you can upload your own to help figure out when your child is transitioning into a goth phase.

Using low power Bluetooth, the Quiet Night app is available for iPhone and Android users. For those without a compatible phone or tablet, an optional, plug-in base station is included and can be placed up to 30 feet away from the Quiet Night handle.

An Indiegogo campaign began in March of this year and the project has already raised over $30,000. Providing it meets its $100,000 goal by April 23 of this year, the product is estimated for worldwide delivery in October. Early birds can grab one for $39, then the device’s price raises to $59.