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Test the quality and purity of water, air, food, and cannabis with MyDx

MyDx - A Device for a Better Life
How sure are you about the safety of the substances you drink, eat, breathe, and, like, legally smoke in Colorado? We take a lot on faith when we drink a glass of tap water, buy organic food, or even breathe in our own homes. Startup CDx, which already has a cannabis testing product on the market, is now focused on helping people test the quality of the water they drink with the next version of its portable purity analyzer MyDx, according to CNN Money. The company’s goal is to enable you to be able to trust and verify what you put into your mind and body.

CDx’s first product, MyDx, tests cannabis samples for potency and pesticide contamination. The $700 MyDx had an oversubscribed Indiegogo campaign in 2015. According to company founder Daniel Yazbeck, “We just signed a $4 million distribution deal to supply the analyzers for this purpose to hydroponic shops in the cannabis industry.”

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The second version MyDx2, due later this year, will use interchangeable nanosensors to test water, air, and food. MyDx2 will not test for cannabis, but the water, air, and food sensors will work with the original cannabis sensing device.

After a sample is inserted and analyzed in the sensor, the data is checked against databases stored in the cloud, where it is graded against government safety standards. The results appear on the smartphone app within six minutes.

The price for MyDx2 will start at $350 but Yazdeck’s goal is to get it under $100. “We would also embrace the idea of giving the device to schools for free, too,” said Yazbeck. “My vision is to have our machines in every city, in the hands of as many people as possible so that they can protect themselves.”

Yazbeck is hoping to work with cities such as Flint, Michigan and other areas that have serious problems with water contamination.

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