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Nearly indestructible Mymug is the dream of butterfingers everywhere

The sun hasn’t risen, you haven’t had your coffee yet, so of course, you drop your coffee cup. If the cup is ceramic, you’re likely out of luck — in addition to the usual trials and tribulations of the morning, you now have the additional task of picking up the shards of a shattered cup. But if your coffee cup is the Making Modern Mymug, drop that sucker all you like — there will be no broken parts to speak of.

While this mug looks and feels like ceramic, it’s in fact made with FDA-approved food-grade materials that promise to make it “virtually unbreakable.” Capable of being placed in a convection or microwave oven as well as the dishwasher, and boasting a full-hand, ergonomic grip, this might be the mug that improves your morning routine.


Available in four “barista-friendly sizes,” the innovative design of the Mymug allows you to stack them in space-saving (and aesthetically pleasing) ways. Really, these mugs look a bit more like minimalist vases than coffee cups, as they have no handles to speak of, and are rather slim cylinders capable of containing the beverage of your choice. The glass hybrid material promises to keep the contents of the Mymug hot or cold for longer than a traditional mug, especially if you add the optional lid.

In designing the mug, the team says that it threw the product off cliffs, ran it over with a car, and still, the Mymug persevered. So really, if you manage to damage the cup, you may just deserve a prize. In addition to being allegedly indestructible, the mug is also designed with a low center of gravity, which means it’s more difficult to tip over than your standard coffee cup.

“The mug is a 6,000-year-old idea. The mug is the first idea Making Modern is making modern,” Making Modern founder Jon McLaughlin noted in a statement. “Mymug is a reinvention of the mug. Mymug is made of better ideas.”

You can grab a four-ounce Mymug from Kickstarter now for $10, the eight-ounce version for $12, or the 12-ounce one for $14. The 12-ounce version is said to be ready for shipment in December 2017, while the others will make their debut early in 2018.

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