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The Nanoleaf Canvas can now control your smart home through touch

The Nanoleaf Aurora has been a hot commodity since it first hit the market and transformed smart lights from functional and convenient into an interesting art form. The company expanded after its initial launch with products like the Nanoleaf Canvas and is now launching the HomeKit-based “Touch Actions.” This new functionality further expands the utility of the Nanoleaf Canvas to make it a smart button that can control different aspects of your home.

Touch Actions transform a Canvas tile into a smart button that can control different aspects of the home. There are three different levels of control: A single press, a double press, and a long press. Each canvas square can be customized to perform a different action and control a different aspect of the home. This means users could create a room-by-room layout of their home on their bedroom wall and control all of the smart products in that room simply by pressing the corresponding tile. Another option is to set a “good morning” routine on the tile closest to your bed. When pressed, it would turn the lights on in the rest of the house, adjust your thermostat to the proper setting, and start the coffee maker.

Touch Actions is available for iOS starting today, but it requires a connection to a Home Hub device like an iPad, Apple TV, or Apple HomePod. The smart tiles and their corresponding actions can be set up in the Nanoleaf App or through the HomeKit app.

The Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit retails for $200 and includes eight light squares, one control square, one power supply, and the necessary mounting supplies. To expand beyond this Smarter Kit, customers will need to purchase an Expansion Kit for $80 and includes four more tiles. Both products can be purchased directly from the Nanoleaf store or at the Apple Store.

The ability to control your home via voice or through your smartphone is incredible, but sometimes it’s simply easier and faster to flip a switch. Nanoleaf Canvas with Touch Actions makes it possible to locate that switch anywhere in your home, as long as you have a Canvas light set up.

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