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Nebia by Moen atomizes water to reduce wasteful showers

Nebia and Moen have joined forces to create a luxurious shower head that can help save the planet. So far, people are responding. They have already raised almost $400,000 on their Nebia by Moen Kickstarter campaign. The device saves 45% more water than regular showerheads, but that doesn’t mean it drizzles a weak stream of water. The 8-inch diameter showerhead uses air to atomize the water in a process called H₂Micro. The patented technology creates twice as much spray coverage and feels like you’re using more water, but you’re not. “Nebia’s R&D team has designed a new set of nozzles and spray array that provides four times more precise droplets than standard showers,” Nebia and Moen said in a press release.

Nebia by Moen - White _ Chrome

With their collaboration, the two companies hope to save more than 5 billion gallons of water over the next few years. “On a planet growing towards 10 billion people, it’s imperative that we conserve water and build innovative solutions. Our partnership with Moen is about doing something on a massive scale to contribute to this solution. Together, we believe that great products can, and must, be better for the planet too,” Philip Winter, co-founder and president of Nebia, said in a statement. This isn’t the first time the company has had a lofty water saving mission. Nebia’s previous showerhead models has saved over 120 million gallons of water in just a few years.

According to Nebia, installation of the shower system can be done by just about anyone in just 15 minutes. It also doesn’t screw into the wall, so it is perfect for those that rent or live in an apartment. It comes in three finishes to match your current bathroom decor. The colors are spot resistant nickel, white and chrome, and matte black

Nebia by Moen will retail for a starting price of $199. It is available through Kickstarter for a reduced price, with shipping for the early backers projected to begin in March, according to a press release, though the campaign says that shipping will start in May. On Kickstarter, backers pay just $160 for the showerhead and the Nebia by Moen Combo (showerhead and wand) will be priced at $199, $70 off retail. The Kickstarter ends on February 2. As always, we offer words of caution when backing crowdfunding projects.

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