Store your keys where you’ll never lose them with this magnetic light switch cover

neocover light switch cover screen shot 2014 12 08 at 11 22 55 am

No matter who you are or where you live, the last parts of your daily “leaving the house” routine likely involve some combination of the following:  slinging a bag over your shoulder, grabbing your keys, and switching off the lights on your way out the door.

But it’s not always as smooth as that. If you’re anything like us, grabbing your keys is often more of a rage-filled scavenger hunt that takes five or ten minutes and leaves you cursing yourself for your absent-mindedness and lack of effective key-storage techniques.

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If that sounds familiar, NeoCover is just what you need. On the outside, it looks like any other light switch cover, but beneath its unassuming exterior, it’s outfitted with a set of powerful neodymium magnets, allowing it to double as an item holder. It’s not just good for keys either; the magnets are super strong, so they can cling to pretty much any every-day-carry item you might need — pocket knives, lighters, or even a hammer.

And the best part? Unlike so many of the clever little household gizmos that are invented these days, NeoCover isn’t on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It’s already been manufactured and is ready to ship immediately. NeoCovers are currently selling for about $20 apiece. That’s definitely a bit steep for a light switch cover, but if you’re prone to leaving your keys in random places, this might be a worthwhile investment.