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Nest Learning Thermostat now for sale on Google Play

nest learning thermostat now sale google play purchases

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Just a few months after Google’s $3.2 billion dollar acquisition of Nest, the company’s Learning Thermostat is now for sale on Google Play for $249. Since the company’s smart smoke alarm, Nest Protect, is temporarily unavailable while a software glitch is being fixed, the thermostat is the only Nest product available on Google Play for the time being.

What’s noteworthy is that this makes Nest’s thermostat the first and only product to be available on both Google and Apple’s retail sites simultaneously. The fact that it’s available through so many different outlets, including Lowes, Nest and Amazon, is a sign of the company’s prominent presence in the rapidly growing connected home space.

Earlier this month, Nest launched a completely new version of the Learning Thermostat, designed specifically for UK households. This gives the company a strong foothold from which to push into other European markets — ones that are similar to the UK in terms of home heating architecture, and consumer preferences as well.

Even in the wake of a recent lawsuit claiming that the company’s thermostats don’t work as advertised, it seems that Nest is quite a force to be reckoned with right now.

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