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Netatmo’s Smart Outdoor Camera scares away intruders with deafening siren

The new Netatmo Outdoor Camera with a built-in siren aims to keep potential burglars and porch pirates at bay with its deafening 105-decibel siren. For reference, 105 decibels is as loud as standing close to a helicopter, while 110 decibels is the level of a rock concert or a chainsaw.

That sudden eruption of sound is enough to unsettle or startle most any intruder. It will also draw the attention of your neighbors to any suspicious activity. However, the camera isn’t just a siren. Smart features allow it to distinguish between an animal, a vehicle, a human, or harmless movement like a tree branch swaying in the breeze. Best of all, these features are available to all Netatmo subscribers. You don’t need a subscription to access them.

The Netatmo Outdoor Camera streams and records video at 1080p. Powerful night vision lets it maintain clarity no matter the level of light. It also has a 100-degree wide-angle lens to give you a clear view of your yard or porch, plus it has a detection range of up to 60 feet away for the built-in smart light. If the camera detects motion, it will activate the smart light to illuminate the area where it detected activity.

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Netatmo allows onboard video storage through an included microSD card. The card is encrypted to further protect the contents. Alternatively, users can store video footage to a Dropbox account or on a personal FTP server. This means users will get nearly unlimited video storage, although you may have to prune old footage after a while.

The Netatmo Outdoor Camera is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home, allowing the creation of scenarios for when specific conditions are met. One example Netatmo provided is turning the smart lights in a home red when a vehicle is detected.

With a weather-resistant design, the Netatmo Outdoor Camera can be placed anywhere outside. The camera is currently available for pre-order in Europe and will be available later this year in the United States for $350. The Netatmo Outdoor Camera without a siren is available for $300 and is currently available on both Netatmo’s website and Amazon.

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