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The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm and Indoor Security Siren provide total coverage

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Your smart home is about to get safer. Thanks to new new additions to the Netatmo Security range revealed at CES, you just may be able to give yourself peace of mind to start off the new year.

Meet the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm and the Indoor Security Siren. The Smart Smoke Alarm brings the traditional smoke detector into the 21st century with real-time alerts for your smartphone, while the Indoor Security Siren protects your loved ones against intruders.

Netatmo’s Security range already boasts smart cameras with facial recognition, but now, the home security company is taking things a step further by addressing other threats to your family’s safety. Upon detection of smoke in a house, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm triggers an 85-decibel alarm, while simultaneously notifying you via a smartphone alert that tells you precisely which room appears to be in danger. If you’re at home, this will give you ample time to get yourself to safety, and if you’re away, you can use this information to call a neighbor or the fire department to check things out. 

Powered by a 10-year battery, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm will keep you safe for the same amount of time as most traditional smoke detectors. And once your decade draws to a close, the Alarm will automatically let you know that it’s time to change batteries. To ensure constant workability, the device also runs ongoing checks on a weekly basis, which can be viewed on the companion app. As for installation, simply screw the smart device onto the wall or ceiling. 

The Indoor Security Siren, on the other hand, operates in conjunction with a couple existing Netatmo products — the indoor security camera Welcome, and the Netatmo Tags, which are waterproof security sensors. Effectively a security alarm, the Siren will emit an ear-piercing 110-decibel alarm should the Welcome or Tags detect an intruder. Homeowners will receive a real-time notification, like “Unknown face seen” or “Movement detected at front door,” alongside video footage. And whether or not you’re at home, the alarm will still sound. Alternatively, you can trigger the Siren yourself should an intruder somehow manage to get inside undetected. 

Thanks to the Siren’s tamper-detection feature, it will also go off if someone tries to remove or disable it without proper authorization. 

Both the Smart Smoke Alarm and the Indoor Security Siren will be available in the second half of 2017.

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