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Netgear's Arlo Go is a 100-percent wire-free, mobile smart security camera

Netgear launched the Arlo Pro, an update to its highly successful line of smart home security cameras, in October. Now, the company has taken all of the features of the Arlo Pro — motion and audio detection, weatherproof design, and two-way audio communication — and built them into the Arlo Go, which adds 3G and 4G LTE connectivity for a 100-percent wireless and remote security solution.

Due to the cellular modem, the Arlo Go’s battery life is rated at two to three months, compared to six months for the Arlo Pro. However, users can opt for a solar charger that can keep remote cameras powered indefinitely in the right conditions (the solar panel needs two to three days of sunlight to fully charge a battery).

Even without the solar charger, rechargeable batteries and an optional dual-battery charger make it easy to keep a spare battery topped up and ready to go at all times.

Local on-board storage in the form of a MicroSD card ensures uninterrupted video recording even in the event of a network failure. As with all Arlo security cameras, Arlo Go users will also get seven days of cloud-based storage.


The Arlo Go makes sense for monitoring remote locations that don’t have Wi-Fi coverage, such as a barn, boat dock, or driveway. But it’s also geared for users who just want the extra security of an LTE connection. According to Netgear, 47 percent of its Arlo customers reported missing security notifications due to internet or power outages, and Arlo Go provides a solution to that problem.

Beyond personal use, Netgear sees potential in the Arlo Go for commercial applications. On a construction site, for example, it would allow monitoring of materials and equipment that are left unattended at night, without the need for power or Wi-Fi. It can also be used during the day to monitor workers and watch out for safety hazards, or just to observe the progress of construction.

Similar opportunities exist for law enforcement, with police departments able to set up a camera to monitor a location rather than stationing an officer there. This could potentially take officers out of harm’s way while more efficiently utilizing department resources.

Netgear is making the the Arlo Go available this year to commercial customers first through online speciality retailers. The camera will be available to the general public if the first quarter of 2017. The price is listed at $450.

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