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FCC filings show Ring is working on new security lights

Federal Communications Commission

With the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, it’s pretty standard to see new products being announced, but this probably isn’t quite what Ring had in mind. The security company owned by Amazon got scooped on a pair of outdoor security lights it appears to be working on. The devices were revealed in a pair of filings made with the Federal Communications Commission and spotted by technologist Dave Zatz.

According to the documents, Ring is working on two new security lights. One model is called the Ring Beams Spotlight and appears to be a battery-powered device with a single LED light. The second device is the Ring Beams Wired Floodlight, which appears to be a bigger device that is hardwired to a power source rather than relying on a battery to operate. The Beams Wired Floodlight is also equipped with two lights rather than one.

What is perhaps most interesting about the devices is neither of them come with a Ring security camera built into them. According to the user manual disclosed to the FCC by Ring, it looks like users can add a hardwired Ring Spotlight Camera to the upcoming floodlight. There is a slot to install the camera, which can be locked into place between the two lights. Doing so allows the camera to replace the built-in motion sensor in the lights. It’s not clear if the Spotlight works similarly, as the manual doesn’t make mention of Ring camera compatibility.

Both lighting fixtures can operate on their own as well, and link up with the Ring Beams Bridge that allows users to control their connected Ring devices via a mobile app. It marks the first time Ring has branched out into stand-alone lighting products and appears to be the result of Ring acquiring security light company Mr Beams last year.

While the FCC documents reveal a lot of details about the lighting fixtures coming from Ring, they do lack some important details that most folks would want to know. Namely, it doesn’t tell us when the products will actually be available or how much they will cost. It seems likely those details might come to light during CES next week.

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