New scratch-n-sniff jeans make it fashionable to smell


Sure, jeans have evolved over the decades. From high-waist to hip-huggers, bell-bottomed to skinny — the style has remained anything but stagnant. While fashion definitely gets recycled every so often, the implementation of new technology into digital-dungarees isn’t quite as common.

That’s about to change, though. Canadian company Naked & Famous Denim has manufactured and developed a line of jeans with built in scratch-n-sniff technology.

According to the eccentric Canadian denim company, the slim-fit, dark wash jeans are made of “rare and raw” Japanese denim that has been manufactured at a traditional mill in Japan. The raspberry aroma emitted from the jeans is achieved through tiny micro capsules baked onto the surface of the jeans, which, once scratched, is released from the fabric. Since smelling and looking like a fashionable piece of fruit is only a scratch away, you shouldn’t need to wash them very often. But if you can’t resist the urge to send your scratch-n-sniffs through the cycle, Naked & Famous has said that the scent will stay strong even after five washes.

And while the jeans may feature this new fashionable fragrance technology, they still maintain the modern look and feel of a pair of trendy jeans. The only difference being the raspberry scent you’ll be wafting around in while you wear them.

Not only do the jeans look great, but we anticipate that there might be a real comfort application to be had here as well. Imagine the next time you’re out in public and suffering an intolerable itch. Simply go to scratch it and when you inevitably draw the awkward (and possibly disgusted) gaze of an onlooker you can tell them “Hey, I’m scratching because it’s fashionable.”

The Naked & Famous Denim scratch-n-sniff jeans are available for around $200.