New Seller Focused Music Service Launches

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A new online music service was announced yesterday which promises to allow music lovers to create their own digital music stores and sell their favorite music to consumers. The service, dubbed BurnLounge, is in public beta now.

BurnLounge, the company said, provides users with proprietary software and a large catalog of music from major and independent record labels, giving users the ability to create and operate their own digital music stores. Three different levels of seller services are available to provide greater ecommerce opportunities. The service also offers a community chat function which operates openly with buddies on major IM systems like AOL and Yahoo.

“We are thrilled to launch a service that enables music fans to have their own online ‘corner record store’ and promote the music they love,” said Ryan Dadd co-founder, president and COO of BurnLounge, in a statement. “BurnLounge allows a fan to have a fully-functioning download store without knowing anything about site design, credit card processing or licensing. All they need to know is what music they love and then tell their friends about it.”

“BurnLounge is a great promotional tool for artists and labels alike, providing a platform for them to compensate devoted fans for promoting music to their friends,” added Stephen Murray, co-founder, president of entertainment and CCO of BurnLounge. “We are excited to offer a new means for emerging and established artists to meaningfully connect with more fans.”