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SiriusXM, Amazon team up for two Echo Dot deals with freebies

SiriusXM is going all-out for new subscribers.  The streaming audio content provider partnered with Amazon to announce two Echo Dot-related promotions.

In the first promotion from the partnership, new SiriusXM subscribers who prepay six months get a free Amazon Echo Dot.  The second promotion offers three months free for new subscribers who already own an Amazon Alexa-compatible smart speaker.

We outline the details for each of the SiriusXM/Amazon Alexa-related offerings below.

Subscribe to SiriusXM and get a free Echo Dot

If you sign up for a new SiriusXM Premier Streaming or All Access subscription and pay six months up front, you get a bargain rate for those months plus a new third-generation Echo Dot for no charge. The upfront charge for six months is $50, which is also the retail cost for a new Dot.

The current monthly rate for SiriusXM’s Premier Streaming plan is $16. Six months at the non-promotional rates would normally cost $96, so with this deal, you’ll save 48 percent and get the latest version of the Alexa-compatible Echo Dot. The All Access monthly charge is $21, or $126 for six months, so the promotion is a 60 percent savings.

The SiriusXM Premier Streaming plan includes listening to more than 200 channels, access to content in the SiriusXM On Demand library, and SiriusXM video. All content is available both online and on the SiriusXM mobile app.

The Sirius All Access package lets you listen to content online, on mobile devices, and in your car. All Access includes more than 175 channels and all available streaming content.

If you already subscribe to SiriusXM with one of the less inclusive content plans, such as the Mostly Music or Select package, you can still take advantage of the free Echo promotion by upgrading your subscription to the Premier Streaming plan. The upgrade plan is not available with the All Access package.

Echo device owners get SiriusXM free for three months

What if you already own an Echo, Dot, Echo Show, or another Echo voice command device? If you sign up for a new SiriusXM Premier Streaming or All Access plan from the Amazon website, you will get the first three months of your subscription at no charge.

Starting with the fourth month of your SiriusXM subscription, you will be charged the applicable regular rate, $16 for the Premier Streaming plan or $21 for the All Access plan. Current SiriusXM subscribers cannot take advantage of the three-months-free promotion; it’s for new subscribers only, regardless of the package.

SiriusXM has been on a winning roll in 2018. The streaming service giant recently agreed to acquire Pandora for $3.5 billion in an all-stock deal. As we wrote earlier in the year,  the company dominates Spotify and, counting its partnerships with automakers and other businesses, SiriusXM is far and away the most successful streaming service, for now.

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