New Smart Clothes Will be Able to Adjust to Your Moods

new smart clothes will be able to adjust your moods wearable absence  1

Even for science fiction this might seem a little far-fetched, but a new line of prototype clothing called Wearable Absence will soon be giving people the digital equivalent of a hug after a bad day.

Small micro sensors embedded in the clothing will monitor your heart rate, temperature, breathing and even the wearer’s galvanic skin response. It then sends the info to a database- wirelessly via a smartphone- to analyze the results and determine a person’s emotional state. Once the emotion has been determined, the database will react according to the user’s preferences, and then attempt to help their mood.

The clothes themselves have an LED built in that displays scrolling messages of support and encouragement, simple pictures, or maybe jokes depending on your taste, and speakers built into the hood that will begin to play mood appropriate music, or recorded messages from family and friends that gently whisper words of encouragement.

The BBC reports that the garments were originally designed by Barbara Layne of Canada’s Concordia University, and Janis Jefferies of Goldsmiths College’s Digital Studio in London, and the prototype clothes were recently debuted at the Congress of humanities and Social Sciences in Montreal.