New Timbuk2 bags integrate internal chargers

For reasons we’ll never understand, mobile gadget battery life is still all too unimpressive in this technologically-driven day and age. At coffee shops and restaurants, people seem to always scramble to find the nearest power outlet to charge their dying cellphones from regular daily use. If you’re the kind of person who hates carrying power cords with you on the go, or never remember to take them along, the new line of Timbuk2 messenger bags might just solve your problem. 

Integrating an internal charger built into the bag, the Tumbuk2 Power Commute and Power Q bags offer a power supply whenever you need it. Collaborating with Joey Energy to include Joey’s T1 charger, the power packs simply slide into the bag’s special compartment. The item is designed to be water resistant (not waterproof), and comes complete with a USB slot to charge anything from an Android phone to iOS devices. The power supply also automatically charges whatever is plugged in the instant you attach the cord — no On or Off buttons necessary. 

“There are a few ‘battery’ and power bags on the market, however none are from existing or trusted manufacturers in a lightweight, simple and compact format that also charges different brands and types of technology while on the go,” says Timbuk2 CEO Mike Wallenfels. “Timbuk2’s core consumer has a nomadic lifestyle. It made sense for us to partner with Joey Energy to offer the most innovative charging capabilities designed to keep consumers moving in two of Timbuk2’s top selling bag styles.” 

The bags are also designed to keep your power pack and gadgets cool to prolong battery life, which is a great feature since the last thing you need is a steamy bag full of low-battery gadgets. Both the Power Commute and Power Q bags will be available in three color options: black, gunmetal, and algae green.

For those who already own Timbuk2 bags and want to incorporate the Joey T1 chargers, the company said it is not planning to sell the power supply separately. To make the T1 chargers ready to juice your gadgets on the go, however, you’ll also have to make sure the T1 supplies are charged as well before making use of it. The charger will simultaneously charge both the power supply and your external devices if they are both plugged into a wall outlet.

Both the Power Commute and Power Q bags are TSA-safe and are slated for an October release online. Timbuk2 aims to launch the products in-store by February at $200 apiece. 

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