New ways to get your Instagrams out of your phone and into real life

Instagram camNow that the Instagram camera could very well become a real thing thanks to crowd-funding efforts, it’s time to revisit some of the real life options you have for your Instagram photos. We’ve covered more than a few of the many choices you have out there, and new ways to utilize your filtered photos never fail to crop up. Here are a few of our favorite ways to materialize your Instagram activity.


Aluminyze photoWhile Aluminyze isn’t an Instagram-spawn, the printing service certainly takes well to the phone-taken photos. As you might imagine, Alumniyze prints your images on aluminum (go figure), giving you a few options for customizing it by shape, sizing, fixture type, and how the surface looks. The site itself makes the process sweet and simple, although since there’s no Instagram integration or app available you’ll have to find your photo and drag it to your desktop (or wherever). But in our hands-on experience with Aluminyze, the finished product is well worth this minimal effort: the shinier finish really makes the colors in your picture pop and stand out from a sea of boring photo frames. And don’t worry about quality too much – of course the better the camera, the better the print, but the iPhone-taken photo with Instagram filter turned out quite nicely. Of course it should go without saying that all of your non-Instagram prints are welcome here as well.

Pricing depends on the customization of your order but starts at 8×10-inch prints for $35 and goes up to 20×30-inch prints for $170.

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CanvasPop printsWe’ve mentioned CanvasPop before, as it’s one of the veterans of the Insta-spawn collective. Early on, the company saw the potential of taking all the digital love Instagram was getting and turning into something its loyal users could hang on their walls and hold in their hands. The company’s upsizing technology means that even an old iPhone’s Instagram pictures will translate to canvas well. The site connects with your Instagram account to grab photos and then you simply customize and order.

Prints start at $30 for an 8×10-inch print – it won’t come fixed to a frame, mind you – an 8×10-inch fixed canvas print starts at $49. The sizing and frame depth goes up from there, with virtually any customization you could want. Our hands-on print is just the roll of canvas, but it stands out apart from paper posters on the wall. It has a high quality look and feel, and no sign of poor resolution here.

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laptop stickerYou can almost literally do anything you with your Instagram photos. Available mediums like canvas and aluminum are creative enough, but there are calendars, phone cases, refrigerator magnets… and stickers. Artflakes turns your prints into adhesives, and now they’ve added Instagram integration. The 4×4-inch stickers are also removable, so you aren’t committing to that picture of a neon sign with the Walden filter you stuck on your laptop for life. They start at 10 vinyl stickers for $20.96 and go up from there (you’ll have to pay shipping as well).