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Nomiku Meals partners with top chefs for sous-vide home delivery

Nomiku Meals, the regional frozen meal delivery service in California’s Bay Area, announced a partnership to bring meals prepared by local top chefs to area homes.

The Nomiku Wi-Fi home sous-vide cooking appliance uses precise water temperature control by an immersion circulator to cook ingredients in sealed bags. The promise is that Nomiku’s prepared meals can go from freezer to the table in 30 minutes cooked in water held at exactly the correct temperature.

Originally introduced in 2014, the Nomiku sous chef machine gained Wi-Fi capability in 2016 and radio-frequency identification (RFID) in 2017. The addition of RFID made the company’s entry into the prepared meal space possible. To set the Nomiku immersion circulator to the right heat and time, tap or wave the frozen food package on the head of the cooker, and the device starts to cook immediately at the correct settings.

The first two chefs featured in the Nomiku Meals program are Tanya Holland from Brown Sugar Kitchen and Preeti Mistry. New chefs will be featured in the program each month to make great good accessible to any customer in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Idaho, and Colorado.

San Francisco-based ‘Aina, billed as a modern Hawaiian eatery, features food from the land, fitting because the definition in English of the Hawaiian word “aina” means “land.” Aina’s first meal for the Nomiku Meals program will be Kabocha Squash.

Brown Sugar Kitchen is located in West Oakland, California. Holland creates both modern soul food and comfort classics. Holland’s prepared meal for the Nomiku Meals fresh meal delivery program will be announced in November.

While Nomiku Meals is currently available only in the Western United States for now, the company plans to expand to additional markets. As sous-vide cooking and prepared meals become better known, Nomiku’s program of matching and designing meals and meal plans with the appliance in mind adds to the convenience factor.

All Nomiku recipes are prepared with sustainably-sourced proteins and farm fresh ingredients. The protein is from free-range, free-roaming animals raised with no hormones and no antibiotics. Nomiku uses only minimally processed, natural ingredients with no added color.

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