Nooka Zizm watch gives you a refracted view of the time

nooka zizm watch gives you a refracted view of the time 3

Show a normal watch to a friend and chances are they’ll be able to read the time without a hitch. Show of your new, stylish Nooka Zizm watch to a friend, and they might look puzzled at first. The modern watchmaker’s latest design, the Nooka Zizm ($375), has a faceted crystal face that creates a refracted effect over the company’s signature ZenH time display. The display features date, time, alarm, and chronograph functions, although you might need to read the manual before you can make use of all of those. The unique faceted display is also paired with a similar design on the silicone strap. The strap, which is the first silicone design from Nooka, is designed to be cut and sized for the perfect fit by a jeweler or watch dealer. The watch is available in titanium or midnight blue colorways and is currently available for pre-orders to ship on October 24.