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The NookDesk offers three levels of workspace and one-touch adjustments

Standing at your desk has never felt so roomy — if that standing desk is of the NookDesk variety, that is. The recently launched flagship product is a power-adjustable height desk with a triple-level workspace to ensure your desk never feel cluttered. With three individual levels of desk space, three desktop material options, and a seemingly endless number of sitting and standing configurations, this desk may just be the one that meets your many needs.

A sister company to industry mainstays Xdesk and Evodesk, NookDesk is looking to set itself apart with its wide range of customization options. Not only are you able to quickly adjust the height of this desk (it moves at 1.5 inches per second) with the touch of a button, but you’ll also be able to select from wood laminate, plantation oak, or bamboo for your desktop. There’s also an option to add an upper storage or lower storage unit  (or both) in either wood or solid designs.

Capable of accommodating up to 250 pounds, the three layers of the desk (which purport to provide 80 percent more surface area than your standard desk) aren’t just for show — they’re for storage, too. Though if you’ve 250 pounds of work sitting in your office, chances are you need a lot more than a trusty desk to help you.

But when it comes to help, NookDesk does boast a few optional technical additions that may lend a hand. For starters, you can request the addition of  USB ports so that you can stop hunting for outlets to charge your devices. There’s also potential to add an ergonomic keyboard platform (if you’re going to get through 250 pounds worth of work, you better be sure you’re taking care of your wrists).

There’s also a Freeport PowerDock add-on that includes eight surge-protected AC outlets and four fuse-protected USB outlets to keep cords organized.

The most basic of  NookDesk models starts at $499, though this doesn’t include the many bells and whistles that make the desk so unique. But even if you go with this baseline version, you’ll still be able to quickly go from sitting to standing to sitting again without having to fiddle with latches or doing any heavy lifting. The one-touch button design certainly seems to be a major upgrade over other options on the market. Of course, you can make this desk pretty expensive pretty quickly depending on your material selection and the number of extra features you add. But hey, when it comes to the quality of your work, it may just be  a worthwhile price to pay.

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