NoteSlate E-Ink tablet mimics a chalkboard, runs for 180 hours

noteslate e ink tablet mimics a chalkboard runs for 180 hours

A Czech startup is working on the creation of the above E-Ink tablet called the NoteSlate, which aims to act as a unlimited digital notepad. The uses are limited, but for $99, the simple lightweight device should appeal to a big market. For users who don’t have the budget or interest in the expansive uses of the iPad, but want something to tote around to digitally record every list and thought, the NoteSlate might be a suitable, budget-friendly option. With a supposed release date of mid-June, the NoteSlate will be available in the above white on black version, a black on white version, and several versions sporting a colored border (either red, blue, or green) and ‘ink’ of the same color. Down the road the company hopes to release a version that offers all four color ‘ink’ options.

noteslate e ink tablet mimics a chalkboard runs for 180 hours noteslatecolor

The device is said to offer a 750 x 1080 resolution ‘paper-like’ screen on a large 13-inch display. It will offer 180 hours of work time, which gives you over a week’s time for doodling and note-taking. The simple design is lightweight (half that of an iPad) and slim, with a mini-USB input, a magnetically-attached stylus with eraser, an SD card slot, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for playing MP3s if you feel the need. Right now the product is not in production, so we’ll have to wait until summer to see how the product actually comes to fruition.