Now you can live out the fantasies of fighting zombies in an abandoned mall

Zombie Shopping Mall Experience attack

Ah, the classic scene of the post-apocalyptic fight between you and the undead. You’ve seen in in movies, television shows, game sequences, but if you’ve ever wanted to take the first person role of what it feels like to battle against zombies in real life, you may want to fly to the United Kingdom for this one.

For a limited time, is offering a “life changing experience day” of the Zombie Shopping Mall Experience which includes more than three hours of zombie killing in an abandoned mall location. Participators are immersed in a life-like set with special movie-quality effects and video game style missions so you can fight your way to survival. The experience provides you with your own fake weapons, and you are required to be at least 16 years old due to the violent and graphic nature of the experience. The site also warns that you may (and probably will) get dirty from all the gunk zombies spew at you so wear clothes you don’t mind getting rough in.

From what we’ve seen in the Q&A section, it seems the experience will be realistic enough but you still can’t go all out during your three (or so) hours. You can shoot the zombies as often as you have ammo, but preferably no head shots since the zombies are played by humans too. The guns you get fire air-pressured plastic projectiles, and you will receive a small training before getting thrown into the zombie-infested mall. Lastly, you and all the participants in your round will need to work together to survive. If you are left behind, you don’t exactly get bit and turn into a zombie but you’ll just have to figure the rest of the session out on your own. Which is still okay, because it sure beats getting tossed out of the session if you happen to get swarmed and “die” five minutes into the session.

The live action experience is currently getting a huge buzz from even the most well-known names in the post-apolyptic realm. Actor Simon Pegg of the film Shaun of the Dead recently tweeted his “hell yes” about it, and while tickets are currently in stock, expect the experience to sell out relatively soon. The Zombie Shopping Mall Experience runs every weekend in Reading, Berkshire all the way until the weekend before Christmas, but dates are now fully booked till July. To “avoid disappointment,” book early at a cost of £139.00 or $220 USD per person. If that’s too expensive for you, you can always check out the Zombies, Run! app, a gaming simulation that lets you imagine you’re in running from zombies so you can exercise and pretend not to get killed. Enjoy!