Office Ergonomics

Swooper Chair

So, what we have here is a Swooper chair.  This little guy helps you work on your posture while working at your desk.  To get the job done,  the Swooper takes a low-key approach – that is to say that it doesn’t do much at all.  It is a little springy, and it doesn’t stand upright very well.  Much like sitting on a ball, you are forced to actively sit, using your core muscles to keep your body upright.  If you like to slouch and know that you shouldn’t, or if you are simply prone to back pains and strains, you may want to look into this stylish chiropractor replacement.  It is not cheap at $599, but a lifelong healthy back is priceless.  If you just can’t seem to justify that much coin on an almost chair, head down to your local athletic shop and pick up a large exercise ball.  The ball will only set you back $25 or so, but it will accomplish nearly the same end result.

Exercise ball