Online Biography Service Launched

A new online biography service formally launched yesterday aims to let anyone “create an enduring online legacy that can be cherished by future generations”. Dubbed WebBiographies, this new service provides permanent free storage of up to 10 megabytes to registered users, with larger storage options available for a fee. The online biography of a member who passes away is sealed and kept online forever, for no additional charge.

WebBiographies, said the company, allows people to register and follow a series of online questions which help to establish basic facts about the individual Expanded topics focused in pre-defined chapters of one’s online biography provide for more in-depth detailing of one’s life. Members can rename these chapters or create sub-chapters and photos and videos can be added as well.

“It all started when I realized how little I knew about my grandparents and those who came before them,” said Scott Purcell, WebBiographies’ president, in a statement. “I thought ‘why do I live if only to be forgotten?’ So I created WebBiographies to fill a real need in many people’s lives. Our members can share their memories and document their lives for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. We’ve designed WebBiographies to make it easy for anyone to write their life-story and to invite friends and relatives to read it and link to it.”

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