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Opcom's GrowBox lets gardeners grow their veggies and fruits indoors

OPCOM Farm GrowBox Hydroponic System
Having the ability to grow your own produce is a luxury typically reserved for anyone lucky enough to have access to a thriving garden — be it in the front yard of their home or of the community variety. Due in large part to the fact this indulgence is such a rare commodity, a company out of Costa Mesa, California named Opcom Farm  introduced a revolutionary new home gardening system that is fit to grow fruits and vegetables year-round. Dubbed the Opcom GrowBox, this innovative unit gives anyone with even the slightest shade of green on their thumb the opportunity to keep their crisper drawers stocked 365 days a year.

Leaning primarily on hydroponic grow technology and color LED lighting, the GrowBox requires zero soil to foster the healthy growth of plants. Because of this, users of Opcom’s device can expect their indoor gardens to flourish 25 percent faster than a typical outdoor garden, while also having the ability to avoid a few bothersome aspects of gardening such as pests and weeds. Additionally, since the GrowBox installs and functions inside, there is literally no chance inclement weather can impact (or destroy) a crop.

“Our gardening systems combine advanced lighting, water management, and horticulture know-how, making it easy and fun to grow produce that is even fresher than farm-to-table; we call it farm-on-table,”  Vice President and General Manager of OpcomLink USA Rajeev Mishra said. “Given the overall concerns around eating safe and healthy fruits and vegetables, Opcom Farm offers customers convenient and affordable solutions to personally grow clean and fresh food the entire year.”

Priced at $499, Opcom’s GrowBox comes with everything necessary to begin growing a swath of lettuce immediately out of the box. Featuring four multi-wavelength LED lamps, the unit boasts the capability of growing 50 plants at any given time. Further, the GrowBox requires roughly 90 percent less water than standard outdoor gardens which allow owners to conserve water and remain environmentally conscious. Opcom’s unique approach to gardening with the GrowBox also means it is accessible to seasoned or novice gardeners.

“You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy our products,” Mishra added. “We are finding a lot of interest among urban dwellers, conscious consumers looking for pesticide free and non-GMO produce, and parents wanting to nurture an interest in their kids for healthy eating. It’s also a great option for seniors and others who would like to garden without the physical toll. Hydroponics is the future of farming and food production and Opcom is committed to being at the forefront of this revolution.”

In addition to the GrowBox, Opcom also announced the launch of its similar gardening system called the GrowWall — a vertical grow device which supports up to 75 plants and runs $599. Both the GrowBox and GrowWall are available for purchase via Opcom’s website.

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