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Innovative lamp shade invites owners to practice origami skills during assembly

Despite being a consistent pillar of home decoration for centuries, the lamp shade industry has enjoyed very little in the way of innovation; after all, it is merely a lamp cover. Don’t tell the designers at the Delft-based design studio Allocacoc this, however, because they have their sights set on completely changing the way people view lamp shades — literally.

Launched via Kickstarter this week, an aptly named product called the Origami Lamp Shade is Allocacoc’s flashy and customizable answer to an often boring home appliance. Functioning exactly as its name suggests, the Origami Lamp Shade lets anyone unleash their inner Akira Yoshizawa.

Manufactured out of Dupont-constructed Tyvek, Allocacoc’s Origami Lamp Shade is equal parts durable, customizable, and portable. Delivered to backers as a flat piece of Tyvek, this clever lamp shade requires a bit of creative planning before it has the ability to fulfill its ultimate function.

Featuring several sets of laser-cut lines, the Origami Lamp Shade lets users fold it and piece it together entirely on their own, producing a unique finished product which casts light, and shadows, in a wholly different manner than any other lamp shade.

“Moving out to another home can be very frustrating,” said the Origami Lamp Shade’s designers on its Kickstarter page. “Imagine you no longer need separate boxes to pack all your bulky lamp shades, but you can bring it along where ever you go. You will always feel at home, with a beautiful lamp shade that suits your own room. We present the Origami Lamp Shade. From one piece of paper, it will turn into a beautiful lamp shade. With some basic origami folding skills, you will create a nice design that will [light] your room.”

Though much of the Kickstarter campaign references the Origami Lamp Shade’s portability, the fact that it looks unlike anything else on the market is clearly its strong suit. Sure, it also makes moving a touch more manageable, but its unique aesthetic and ability to cast unusual shadows give it a serious leg up on its somewhat dull competition. Additionally, the fact that the shade is made from Tyvek means it’s resistant to tearing, water, and fire, which make it one incredibly durable product.

As of this writing, Allocacoc had secured $729 in funding toward its goal of just under $5,000. With 27 days left in the campaign, it remains to be seen if the Origami Lamp Shade woos enough adopters to allow the company the ability to bring it to market. The lamp shade is available for just $15 for a hanging version and $20 for a standing variant.

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