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Canned spam: New Padmapper algorithm takes aim at scams and fishy listings

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Padmapper, a platform that allows users to search for homes and apartment rentals, launched a brand new smartphone application today dubbed Post a Pad. With the app, the company lets anyone post rentable rooms or apartments straight from an Android or iOS-capable device. Furthermore, with PadMapper’s collaboration with Zumper in 2016 — a separate platform offering rentals — users of Post a Pad grants access to both rental marketplaces.

Along with its Post a Pad app, Padmapper also announced an upgrade of its security system to protect its users. It created an algorithm which makes finding a rental more safe and secure. According to a companion press release, the latest launch not only aligns with the company’s desire of offering a high-quality customer experience but it ensures these experiences remain safe and secure.

“Unlike other platforms specializing in this type, PadMapper has created a proprietary security algorithm to combat against spammy listings and scams from entering the platform, which will launch alongside Post a Pad,” read the release. “The algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and community moderation to ensure only high-quality, legitimate listings are posted.”

To post on Post a Pad, a user downloads the Android or iOS app and taps the post tab. Next, users simply drag a map pin or enter in an address to indicate location — or, the option to hide a location also appears. The user adds images and relevant details to their listing such as, whether the listing concerns a room or a whole house, the square footage, and any additional features. After finishing a listing — takes just a few minutes —  users get verified through login and through the app’s security algorithm. If approved, the listing goes live to millions of people on the Zumper and Padmapper marketplaces. However, the app also provides the option to only share a listing with those provided a direct link.

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