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The Oliver by Matter is the crockpot of the 21st century

Meet the Oliver, a new slow cooker from San Francisco designers at Matter. But don't worry -- just because this kind of device was invented in the 1950s doesn't mean that it doesn't have all the functionality of 2016.
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Smart buttons from Kwik want to give Amazon Dash a run for its money

Press a button, receive your heart's desire. That's been the guiding principle behind the increasingly popular Amazon Dash Buttons. But staying dominant in the space may not be as easy for Amazon now that Kwik has raised $3 million.
Product Review

Force of Nature Cleaner Review

Like magic, Force of Nature turns salt, water, and vinegar into a powerful disinfectant.
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Got milk? Keep it away from LED lights

According to researchers from Cornell University's Department of Food Science, exposing milk to LED lights "for even a few hours degrades the perceived quality of milk more so than the microbial content that naturally accumulates over…
Health & Fitness

Nothing will cost over $5 at health food restaurant run by Elon Musk’s brother

Healthy food for $5 or less will be the menu at Elon Musk's younger brother Kimbal's Memphis, Tennessee fast-food restaurant, The Kitchenette. Musk aims to provide diners with inexpensive, healthy food.

As an energy infrastructure company that also sells cars, Tesla enters a new phase

Creating a sustainable, clean energy company reflects Tesla CEO's long-term business plan. Tesla cars will spur the e-car market. More electric cars on the road, regardless of brand, will create demand for a convenient home energy source.
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Don’t risk your skin with counterfeit laundry detergent

Don't buy 5-gallon containers of Tide, Downy, or Gain laundry soap. They're part of a growing trade in fake goods and in this case, get next to your skin. Counterfeit laundry detergent is most often sold at swap meets, in fund raisers, and…

Chicago passes restrictions on Airbnb, but some don’t see them as enough

Thanks to a new measure passed by Chicago's City Council, Airbnb can now list short-term rentals in the city. However, the new measure also includes certain restrictions the company and advertisers alike must adhere to.

Voice Bridge now lets you make calls with your landline from any Wi-Fi network

Invoxia's Voice Bridge will soon be receiving an update that lets users make calls with their landline number on any Wi-Fi network. Previously it was restricted to making calls on your home Wi-Fi.
Emerging Tech

This 3D-printed map of London is one of the coolest things you could ever hang on your wall

When San Francisco-based programmer Andrew Godwin discovered a ready supply of London LIDAR data, he knew exactly what he had to do. And it involved 3D printing.
Emerging Tech

Xiaomi’s foldable electric bike ideal for China’s crowded streets

Premiering as part of Xiaomi's Mi Ecosystem, the QiCycle bike will let you move sans pedaling for 45 kilometers on a fully charged battery, and comes complete with its own companion app.