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The Philips Hue collection expands, white ambiance lights now available

philips hue white ambiance bulbs now available huebulb1
Two months ago, Philips Lighting announced it would soon be releasing a suite of white ambiance light bulbs geared toward allowing users the opportunity to adjust the light’s glow. Though the initial report listed a vague “spring 2016” as its window of release, a press release published by the company this week shows the next evolution of white ambiance bulb is now available.

Capable of being adjusted to give off a glow of 6,500K to 2,200K, Philips designed the bulb while solely focusing on its users’ daily routines. Setting it to gradually brighten in the morning helps people wake up more naturally while gently dimming it in the evening allows users to comfortably drift to sleep. Accessible via its companion smartphone application or the starter kit-included Philips Hue dimmer switch, adjusting to a different light recipe is completely intuitive.


“We know how important white light is in the home; it is similar to natural daylight and can help us focus, feel more alert as well as wind down at night,” said Philips Lighting Business Leader of Connected Home Systems, Sridhar Kumaraswamy. “With Philips Hue white ambiance, we are delivering a high quality connected light bulb that delivers the full spectrum of white light at the swipe of a finger, allowing customers to fully benefit from the impact that white light can have on their well-being when at home.”

Along with the sheer visuals of the new bulb, Philips also included an innovative new feature for users to take advantage of. As mentioned above, owners have the ability to adjust the brightness of each bulb, doing so by accessing a mode called “Routines.” By selecting “Wake Up,” the bulbs slowly brighten in the morning, replicating the sun. Conversely, the “Go to Sleep” function dims the lights in the evening which helps owners prepare for bed. Additionally, the “Nightlight” feature is a low-light setting that’s great for children who may prefer a sliver of light when they get up in the middle of the night.

Releasing today, the new Philips Hue white ambiance light comes in a starter package that comes standard with two white ambiance bulbs, an Apple HomeKit support bridge, and a dimmer switch, for just $130. For those interested in opting for just the bulbs themselves, Philips has made them available for $30 each.

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