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Bathe your home in the perfect shade of white light with Philips Hue’s latest

Not all light is created equal, and no one understands that better than Philips Hue. The lighting company has made its line of White Ambiance products available to customers in the United States so we can finally enjoy light the way we want it. Thanks to the new range of White Ambiance fixtures and table lamps and the White Ambiance candle bulb, you’ll be able to set your favorite shade of white light to match any mood or time of day.

“To put it simply, consumers can have one light to support all of their daily activities,” said Mark Cieri, Philips Lighting’s vice president and general manager for home systems. “Think about all of the moments you enjoy in your kitchen. Select a cool daylight scene for your morning coffee to energize for the day ahead. Help your child focus on their homework with a bright white light. Then, create a cozy ambiance for dinner under a warm cozy light to wind down.

“With Philips Hue White Ambiance, you can personalize your lighting and truly feel at home.”

Promising varied shades of white light that can help you alternately wake up, energize, concentrate, read, relax, and go to bed, Philips Hue promises a product line that is as useful as it is elegant. Whether you need a light fixture or a table lamp, you’ll be able to bathe your rooms in soothing light. Both the White Ambiance Wellner and Wellness table lamps feature a White Ambiance A19 light bulb (800 lumens) for customizable white light to enhance any activity. And as a whole, the Philips Hue connected lighting system is compatible with 80 percent of sockets found in common households worldwide. The full range of this new lighting system will begin at $100, and will be made available in mid-June.

If you don’t need a new lighting fixture and simply want to swap out your old bulbs with this more advanced version, the Philips Hue White Ambiance candle bulb boasts a smaller E12 base, which means it’ll fit in a ceiling fan, chandelier, or decorative table lamps. The bulbs will be made available for pre-order in June for $30, or you can pick them up in stores and online in July.

Of course, all Philips Hue products can be controlled by way of the Philips Hue app, wireless dimmer switch, motion sensor, and yes, even your wearable. And thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, you can also control these lights with your voice.

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