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At just under 8 bucks apiece, Philips’s latest bulbs raise the bar for LEDs

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Apparently, Philips is putting all of its lightbulbs on a diet. Just a couple months after releasing the flattened SlimStyle A19 and SlimStyle BR30 LED bulbs, the company is back again with a new SlimStyle 75-watt equivalent.

Much like the original 60-watt equivalent SlimStyle bulb, the diodes in this latest bulb are dispersed in a flat arrangement that eliminates the need for aluminum heat sinks. In addition to making the bulbs much slimmer and lighter than the original version, the lack of bulky heat sinks also makes the bulbs easier to manufacture, which ultimately translates to a lower price for consumers.

The new bulbs will sell for just $12.79 each, and since they come with an Energy Star certification, they also qualify for instant in-store rebates in certain states. Therefore, if you happen to live in Maine or Ohio (or certain power districts in other states) you can get your hands on the new bulb for as low as $7.97.

In terms of specs, the 75-watt equivalent bulb uses mid-power Philips Luxeon LEDs, which consume just 13 watts of power while providing more than 1,100 lumens. They’re also fully dimmable and carry a lifespan of about 23 years with normal use. Philips estimates that with these super-efficient specs, the SlimStyle 75-watt LED bulb will cost an estimated $1.57 per year to run and will save consumers over $170 in energy-related expenses over the course of its lifetime.

The SlimStyle 75-watt equivalent is currently available online at Home Depot and is set to hit store shelves later this month.

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