Photos: iHome shows off new Airplay offerings and new color options

This year at CES iHome was prepped and ready to show off its Airplay offerings, including new units and designs as well as expanded color options. We took a hands-on look at the Apple-friendly brand’s Airplay collection, which gives consumers an easy way to wirelessly stream music from their iOS device to the sophisticated speaker units. Last year we saw the basic Airplay units in typical black, but this year iHome moved into the home design realm with clean white versions and even some sophisticated colors.

As for what’s new, iHome is showing off the upgraded iW1 flagship Airplay unit, now called the iW2. This unit is the company’s basic Airplay speaker designed for use in the home. It is now app-enhanced with the free iHome Connect app, which aims to make Airplay technology and set up a little bit easier for consumers. The unit also features a USB port for charging or playing audio from your iOS device. In a new collection, seen in our photos, the company will be offering a selection of sophisticated colors intended for home design.

The brand new iW3 takes iHome’s Airplay system on-the-go with a compact footprint and a helpful hidden carry handle. The smaller unit has all the important features of an Airplay unit, simple buttons on the top, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery built-in for portability. In keeping with its fun size and shape, the company is planning to offer the unit in a handful of fun colors as well as black and white.

The new iW4 system takes iHome’s flagship product, the bedside alarm dock, and upgrades it with full Airplay technology. The iW4 has all the features and alarm settings that you’d expect from an iHome bedside dock, plus is app-enhanced and offers users the ability to wirelessly stream through Airplay. We’re digging the brand new white version; it would go perfectly with out white iPhone 4S if we do say so ourselves.