Pictures: Luxury Blue Forest treehouses

It would be a safe bet that many of us hear the term treehouse and are immediately taken back to our childhoods. It’s a time of wonderment and magic, where a little bit of wood nailed to the tree in the backyard can become an epic castle or an impenetrable fort. Wherever your thoughts may lead you, the good people at Blue Forest are not content with letting the treehouses remain a simple childhood memory.

Specializing in the design and construction of luxury treehouses, the UK-based company has designed a number of luxurious treehouses, but it was this one in particular that caught our eye.

Dubbed “Living the High Life” this high-end treehouse features separate lofty retreats, one for parents and one for their children. There is an intricate canopy walkway, an assault course, and a spacious area for kids to play in.

The adult area of the treehouse features all the amenities you could ask for in an upscale treehouse — a conical thatched roof, a kitchen, toilet, and large living area, perfect for treetop dinner parties and entertaining. The children’s treehouse is comprised of three medieval towers that connect to the adult’s treehouse via rope bridges. There is even a trap door that leads to a secret game room with plasma TV and game console — and to top it all off, an eighty-yard zip line that connects to an adventurous assault course.

Who said treehouses are just for kids?