PlugHub keeps your cords and power strip neat, tidy, and out of view

plughub keeps your cords and power strip neat tidy out of view atdesk2We’ve found yet another great product over at Quirky and this one’s all about keeping your desk clean and those pesky cords out of sight, or at least better organized. With our now technology-filled lives it’s hard not to get caught up in a mess of cords and chargers every once in a while, but luckily for us and you, PlugHub ($29) is here to help save us. The simple and inexpensive solution will help keep things neat and organized in terms of function, but will do one better and even make your power strip and jumbled cords look good, too. 

The small cabinet-like device has a tray at the bottom to hold your power strip, and then has a hinging door that covers up the messy part. Behind the closed door, cords are channeled through three top ports and then can be wrapped around “cord anchors” that will tidy up longer cords or wires. This keeps everything neat, tidy, free of tangles, and looking spiffy. While most of us might think to just place this little guy under our desks, users can also consider mounting the PlugHub to a wall, baseboard, or bottom of a desk. 

plughub keeps your cords and power strip neat tidy out of view openThe ways to tidy up your workspace are many with the help of this inexpensive fix. Come to think of it, we could use one ourselves. The less cord mess we have to deal with in our tech-heavy life, the better. The PlugHub comes in charcoal with a light blue base and has a rubber bottom for stability.