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Plush Angry Birds toys are perfect for hurling at your family and friends

Oh, Angry Birds. The addicting mobile game has been infiltrating our lives one bird at a time until we are so hooked that reaching the next level becomes an obsession. Whether you play it on occasion or are compulsively hurling birds each and every day, we suspect these annoying little feathered creatures have wormed their way into your hearts in one twisted fashion or another. Why not bring the game into real life with these plush Angry Birds toys? It’s a slippery slope, we know. The Angry Birds Plushies ($10 each) are officially licensed by Rovio and come in a variety of different characters from the game, including those grumbly green pigs. The toys are palm-sized, which means they are perfect for aiming at people or random household objects. Not only do they throw well, but tap the forehead of your bird before you launch it and it will scream “Wheeeeeeeeee” all the way to your target. If you really want to bring the game to life, collect all the plush toys, set up the pigs, and have at it. Unfortunately the green pigs will not disappear into thin air when you hit them, sorry about that.