Porsche Design creates the Johnnie Walker Private Bar


Porsche Design Studio and the makers of Johnnie Walker Blue Label have teamed up to create a unique private bar priced at an extremely expensive $150,000. Only fifty of these bars will be constructed for clients around the world. Each private bar stands over six feet tall and is built from brushed titanium as well as blue leather and Australian lace wood within the interior of the unit. Utilizing motion sensors, the bar automatically opens 180 degrees to gain access to the alcohol hidden behind the titanium. Once the bar swivels open, the interior of the structure holds three bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, four illuminated crystal glasses as well as chilled water to serve previous to drinking in order to cleanse the palette.

jwbl-porsche-vip---bar-closedThere’s also room for an additional four glasses and a glass bucket with stainless steel tongs to serve ice for drinks. For anyone without $150,000 to blow on a single piece of decorative furniture, the Cube sells for a bit over $750 and comes with an individually numbered bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, four Blue Label crystal glasses, an ice chiller and stainless steel tongs. Based on the smaller size, it’s designed to be placed on a counter or coffee table. Fans of the bar can also purchase the Chiller for $370 which holds a single bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and is designed out of the same blue leather and brushed titanium.

Both the Chiller and the Cube will be available for purchase at Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Royal Mile Whiskies starting this month. The Private Bar will only be available to order exclusively from Harrods. In addition, the private bar will be exhibited at  luxury retail outlets and premium bars in October as well as private auctions and invitation-only events.