Portland peddles: Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge pictures

The recently concluded Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge brought together some of the most talented designers and custom bike builders in the country. With the increase in numbers of bicycle commuters, especially in urban areas, the choices available on the market hasn’t begun to address this trend in its entirety. To help find a solution and increase the options available of urban-minded bicycles, these designers have brought forth their various concepts and collaborations since the design process began in February 2011.

Outside of the competition were a handful of creative collaborations, more notably was California-based Fuesproject and Sycip. The Yves Behar lead firm designed a three wheeled Local while Sycip’s team made it a reality. Designed to be “the perfect neighborhood bike” serving a multitude of functions from visiting your friends, grocery shopping, even surfing.

The competition consisted of 34 professional “Constructors” from ten states. Portland native Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles took home first place and $3,000 for his design, which included an electric assist motor and sound system in an attempt to ease the transition from four wheels to two. Fellow Portlanders Tsunehiro Cycles and Silas Beebe/ID+ and Cielo by Chris King came in second and third place for their tough looking urban utility cruisers.

If you are going to be in the Portland area, the Creative Collaborations will be on display in Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft until October 29th.