This silicone Power Glove is a geeky baker’s best friend

power mitt oven inspired nintendos glove

Do you like baking? Do you like geeky late-eighties Nintendo memorabilia? If you answered yes to both questions, this freshly-launched IndieGoGo project will be right up your alley.

The Power Mitt, as its creator calls it, is a fully-functional heat-resistant silicone oven mitt that’s designed to look like a Nintendo Power Glove. For those of you who might’ve been to young to experience the Power Glove firsthand during its heyday, allow me to explain. Power Glove was essentially a new type of controller designed to be worn on your hand, and when it came out in 1989, pretty much nobody liked it thanks to its sloppy controls. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t look awesome. The thing looked like somebody skinned a robot, and even though it was a failure commercially, it’ll always hold a special place in gaming history.

The Power Glove has inspired dozens of geeky spinoff products, but this one definitely takes the cake (…get it? It’s an oven mitt!). Power Mitt is built to fit anyone with a 4-inch-wide or smaller palm, so unless you’re a descendant of Andre the Giant or Shaq, it’ll probably fit on your hands. Somewhat unsurprisingly, this thing was designed by the same guy who runs a Omni Consumer Products — an entertainment licensing and product development company that takes fictional products from popular movies and makes them real. He’s the guy who gave the world Fight Club soap bars, Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator, and Sex Panther cologne. Clearly, this man is a factory of great ideas. 

The project is currently raising funds for its first production run on IndieGoGo, and will only be made if it gathers $18,000 in pledges. It’s already well on its way toward reaching that goal though, and if it continues to gather pledges at the same pace, it’ll be funded with plenty of time to spare. You can lock one down for a pledge of just 39 bucks, or get one for each hand for $69. Find out more here.