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Power Station Tera 1000 promises to recharge in two hours flat

A new home power station from Xiamoi’s sister company 70mai has been announced, touting 10 outputs, a two-hour recharge time, and 1000Wh capacity. Once fully charged, the Power Station Tera 1000 is estimated to be able to keep a mini-fridge going for 14 hours, recharge a phone 75 times, or keep an electric fan running for 21 hours.

This power station has three AC plugs; two USB-A, two USB-C, and two DC ports; and one 12V car port. In an effort to reduce noise from a fan, the unit has a ventilation pathway. 70mai claims that thanks to this, the Power Station Tera 1000 only emits a third of the heat of competing power stations. Keeping the noise down could be helpful if you’re trying to sleep with this thing powering your CPAP machine, for example.

On the input side, this power station is able to receive power from AC, car, gas generators, and solar panels. Pass-through charging is supported, so solar power can go right from the panel to your gadgets without wearing down the batteries. 70mai claims it’s possible to recharge the Power Station Tera 1000 in six hours with most solar panels.

70mai Power Station Tera 1000 used outdoors.

In order to prepare this power station for a rugged life outdoors, 70mai has implemented a dual-layer design and galvanized steel structure, which provides increased drop protection. For added peace of mind, 70mai includes a two-year warranty. Though power stations like this are great for the outdoors, they’re equally helpful as home backup solutions when power gets knocked out.

As a cherry on top, the 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 has a mobile app with which users can monitor usage and remotely activate functions via Bluetooth. If that’s too fiddly, there’s always the display built into the station.

The last time 70mai popped up on our radar was for the Kickstarter of its dash camera, and the company has since been producing various other car accessories and a smartwatch. Its lineup is looking fairly diverse at this point, and a big battery like this is an interesting option for outdoorsy types.

The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 is available on Indiegogo at an early bird price of $600, which is a significant savings on the eventual $1,000 it will cost on Amazon on release.

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