Pulse Urban Concept is an LED infused Tron-inspired road bicycle

Here in the Pacific Northwest there are two things we don’t lack for: excellent food, and an assortment of eco-conscious residents who prefer to travel on two wheels rather than four. And while there is a whole industry out there for kitting-out your beloved bike, none that we have seen look as cool as this Tron-like design bike concept.

Created by San Francisco-based industrial designer, illustrator, and 3D modeler Dana Krieger, the Pulse Urban Bike Concept features heavy electroluminescent lighting throughout the frame, as well as internal LED turn signals built into the bike’s handlebars. A red brake light features on the rear of the bike’s seat shaft, which no doubt would aid with night time riding and rainy days with poor visibility.

Still, while it remains a concept, we can’t help but feel a design of this caliber shouldn’t remain so for long, however; we can’t offer any real speculation as to price or availability, but we would definitely like to see this particular concept of Krieger’s make it to production in the very near future.