So fresh and so keen: Pura is a smarter way to make your home smell nice

Smart-home technology has gone well beyond advanced security, lighting systems, and connected refrigerators. Now, even items that previously involved little to no technology are getting revamped to be more sophisticated than ever, from mirrors that take selfies to floss dispensers that provide reminders to keep you on top of your oral hygiene.

Plug-in air fresheners are nothing new, but Pura Scents‘ smart fragrance dispenser allows users to keep their homes smelling fresh like never before. Now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the device pairs with a free app for iOS and Android, enabling users to customize how aromas are released. Not only can users remotely release fragrances, they can change scents and set up a schedule.

“We’ve created a way for people to have full and on-demand atmospheric control over their home, and are offering a new way to customize personal spaces without the drawbacks of open flame candles or aerosol canisters,” said the company’s co-founder and CEO, Richie Stapler, in a press release.

The device can hold two fragrance vials at a time — each lasting about a month — and they can be easily swapped in and out, according to Pura Scents. So far, the company is selling 15 scents, and each month, new ones will be introduced. Customers will even receive fragrance recommendations based on their prior selections. Right now, the options include Fresh Alpine, Lavender Dream, Velvet Wineberry, Midnight Kiss (which is some sort of fruit), as well as a line of men’s scents, like Green Tea Citrus and Sun Bleached Amber.

When setting a schedule, users can determine which scent is released when. For example, you could opt for an energizing scent in the morning and a more calming one in the evening. The dispenser can also be made to work with third-party connected devices, so it could be set to turn on when the lights go on, among other possibilities.

Pura Scents has non-olfactory features as well. In addition to an LED light that can be customized for brightness and color, it has a handy USB port for charging other devices.

The Kickstarter campaign, which launched today, will run for 30 days and looks to raise $50,000. Backers can take advantage of early pricing and pre-order a Pura Scents dispenser for $39.

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