Put eyes anywhere you have a camera with iVideon home security

iVideonWe like to watch. From video baby monitors to the explosion of home security systems featuring 24×7 video surveillance, it’s quite clear that the ability to peer into every corner of our lives is addictive. Ready to nurture that addiction is a growing parade of companies offering internet-connected cameras and remote monitoring services, many of which use proprietary hardware, require a PhD in IT to configure, or are very limited in their capabilities. iVideon has a different approach: their service connects to nearly any existing webcam, IP camera, or networked DVR security system and makes the live video streams and recorded history accessible via smartphone or PC, anywhere in the world. Simply install the iVideon Server software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, and tell it what kinds of cameras you have. No special configuration is required for most home networks, because the video is streamed securely through iVideon’s worldwide network while you’re watching it (the archives are stored locally on your computer). As with most addictive products, “the first hit’s free”; you can view up to two cameras through iVideon’s servers at no charge. For a fee, you can add more cameras, cloud-based storage of your video archives, e-mail or text message notification of motion events, and shared access to your cameras. Camera streams can be viewed in PC and Mac browsers, as well as with the iVideon app, available for iPhones, iPads, and most Android devices.