Qlocktwo brings typography to time in a minimalist design

Innovation when it comes to the design and look of clocks is hard to come by. Generally, this is due to the function of what a clock does — clearly tell time. You can’t make a clock too crazy without the possibility of losing the function. 

Which is what makes Biegert & Funk’s Qlocktwo a unique addition to the world of clocks. Instead of numbers, it uses common phrases — like “it is a quarter past twelve” — to notify you of the time. Made in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, the Qlocktwo features a lacquered wooden body supporting either a satin stainless steel or a polished synthetic glass front surface through eight magnets.

The clock is lit by LED lights and features an ambient light sensor, which the keeps the clock appropriately bright without being overwhelming in a dark room.

According to Biegert & Funk, the Qlocktwo is radio-controlled in Europe and sets itself to the second when receiving the signal after being turned on. The clocks come in seven colors and twelve languages including German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Swiss German and Spanish. The colors include blue, red, green, black, white, purple and stainless steel.

The original Qlocktwo measures 17 x 17 inches, while the smaller Qlocktwo touch measures 13 x 13 inches. There’s also a smartphone app, which displays the typographic form on your phone.

Be prepared to pay for these handmade clocks though, as the regular comes in at $1,100 and the touch isn’t much cheaper at $599.