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New RemoBell S video doorbell is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home

Remo+ just launched a new video doorbell model, the RemoBell S. For several reasons — not just its $99 price tag — the RemoBell S stands out in the crowd of new entries in the video doorbell category.

As the use of video doorbells proliferates, new models appear frequently. To be competitive, especially with big brands like Ring and Nest commanding major market shares, smart doorbells need to tick off several must-have feature boxes just for starters. On paper, the RemoBell S meets or exceeds the major requirements and does so at a bangin’-low $99 price tag.

The RemoBell S is a wired device. It connects to your existing doorbell wiring and can ring on an existing mechanical or electronic doorbell chime. The unit has a 1080p full HD video camera with 180-degree horizontal and vertical fields of view. Two infrared LED (IRLED) sensors provide night vision up to 7.5 meters (almost 25 feet). Video-based motion detection features adjustable sensitivity and definable motion zones.

With full duplex audio, aka two-way talk, you can speak and listen to visitors at the same time like in real life, rather than take turns and wait for the other person to finish.

When someone moves into the RemoBell S motion detection area, you receive an alert on a configured iOS or Android smartphone. RemoBell S is also compatible with Amazon Echo (both audio-only and Show devices), Google Home, and IFTTT.

When you get an alert from the RemoBell S, you can immediately talk and view live video. Unlike with many other video doorbells, you can view recorded video stored in the cloud for free for up to three days. Remo+ has paid cloud plans with greater storage capacities and longer storage times, but everyone gets free remote video viewing.

The RemoBell S’s full HD video with wide fields of view, definable motion zones, full duplex two-way audio, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, plus free cloud video viewing are desirable features in the competitive video doorbell field. All that tech at $99 is an outstanding bargain. We’ve haven’t tested the RemoBell S, but if it lives up to its specifications and claims, the video doorbell market could have a new major player.

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