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This home security kit is the best bang for your buck on Prime Day

In the market for a bit of home security? The Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit is the single best deal we’ve seen yet. At 47% off, its final price is $225 — a savings of $200 from its original price of $425.

The Ring home security system is one of the best home security systems for a number of reasons. Ring consistently pushes the envelope for home security with advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

The Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit includes eight individual security sensors — four door/window sensors, an alarm base station, a keypad, one motion sensor, and a range extender — as well as a Ring Video Doorbell and an Echo Show 5. All told, this deal drops the price to less than $25 per component.

You won’t see a better deal than this.

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Perfect for smaller homes

Ring Alarm installed on a wall.

If you live in a one- or two-bedroom home, this home security system is the perfect way to ensure your home and family are protected. You can equip all of the major windows and doors with sensors, keep an eye on your front porch with the video doorbell, and stream a live feed of your camera straight to your Echo Show.

It’s also incredibly expandable; add other Ring components, such as an indoor camera or an outdoor floodlight, and access it all from the same system. The Ring app lets you arm and disarm your system, check the status of every component, and more.

Best of all, Ring works with Alexa. You can control your system with your voice, or take advantage of Alexa Guard for your system to listen for the sound of broken glass, beeping smoke detectors, and more. If you want to get even better security, the optional Ring Protect Pro security system provides you with 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular alarm backup for an extra $20 per month.

Advanced features and a virtual butler

Not home? No worries — Alexa can answer the doorbell for you.

When someone rings the doorbell, Alexa can answer the door through the Smart Greetings feature and respond appropriately based on what visitors say. You can set the system up so that it patches any visitor through to you, but if it’s a delivery person or a salesperson, you can leave specific instructions without interrupting your work day.

Other features include a bird’s-eye view of your property, where Ring calculates the path someone walks through your yard and provides a virtual estimate of where they were going.

If you wanted to upgrade the system a little bit further, you could invest in the Ring Alarm Pro. Not only does it give you a greater level of protection than the basic Ring Alarm, but it provides decent cybersecurity, too.

But if you’re interested in this deal, don’t wait — it won’t stick around for long, and you only have until the end of Prime Day to jump on it.

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